The group that brought you the very first Android 3.0 Honeycomb device, Motorola, is currently running a promotion for owners of that device, allowing them to exchange a relatively quick registration process for the ability to purchase official accessories for 50% off their original list price. Motorola is promoting this offer through several sources including their official Facebook Page where they remind users that they’ve got until Noon ET to take advantage of this special offer. This offer also comes on top of a similar Buy a Motorola Xoom Wifi and get a Bluetooth Keyboard Free offer, leading us to believe that they’ve got a surplus of accessories waiting in the wings.

User can also take advantage of the excellent Motorola XOOM Keyboard Folio Case for $85 and free 2-day shipping or grab a Camera Connection Kit if you’re lucky enough to be in one of the Verizon locations carrying such an oddity. For everyone else, there’s a big 15% off sale going on online at Verizon Wireless, this including every single XOOM accessory they’ve got in stock. This selection is missing, notably, the camera connection kit just mentioned, and has the keyboard folio case for a grand total of $84.99, nearly 1/6 the cost of the unit itself.

To learn more about the Motorola XOOM if you’re thinking about purchasing one for it’s current Verizon price of $599, head over to our Gigantic Review and learn the truth! Once you’ve got the tablet, be sure to pick up the most excellent tablet-based app we’ve seen in recent weeks, that being News360 for Honeycomb, a news feed reader that’ll make you empirically joyous for having purchased an Android tablet. If you’re still skeptical of said XOOM purchase, head to our also giant Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet review, a tablet that’ll make you think twice before purchasing another Android tablet or even an iPad, believe it or not! Then of course there’s the G-Slate, making this a three-way battle you’ll never forget!

You’ll also want to be picking up the fabulous beta build of Swype 3.0 for Honeycomb as it’ll change your touch-keyboard experience for the better forever. You won’t even need a folio case at all, I’m telling ya! You should also know what you’re getting into with this Honeycomb business with Google’s official presentation on the newest version Android 3.1 Honeycomb which will be featured on all XOOMs from here into the future as well as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 just mentioned a moment ago. And do not fret, for if you’ve still got a XOOM after all this, you can take comfort in knowing that it’s still one of the most powerful Android devices on the market, continuing to beat the competition on a regular basis!

Oh and don’t forget about XOOM 4G!