The Nexus 9 and the Nexus Player have both formally launched but the Nexus 6 is still curiously unavailable. It seems that Google indeed has inventory issues based on their latest update about the smartphone. The Android maker promises to move quickly to fill inventories to meet the presumably high demand for the device and has tipped users to check every Wednesday for that update. Those who want carrier subsidies however, will have to wait later in November to get theirs.

It is quite perplexing and perhaps even worrying that Google would have supply issues at this point. At least based on LG’s previous statements, Nexus devices, while highly popular, do not sell better than OEM flagships. Plus, Google controls the actually number of Nexus devices made at a time. This situation with the Nexus 6 inventory could hint that either Google and Motorola have some problems along the supply or manufacturing chain or that Google has grossly underestimated the demand for the Nexus 6, which doesn’t bode well for Google’s first phablet if the situation persists in the weeks to come.

Either way, Google is promising that every Wednesday, it will try to fill its stocks, which could also translate to some frantic purchasing conditions the likes of which were experienced by Motorola and more recently by OnePlus. Again, hopefully the problems disappear soon, otherwise public perception might be skewed by the relative unavailability of the Nexus 6. The other, less stressful option would be to wait for the device to land on major US carriers later this month, though those might come with some strings attached. Given that Wednesday is just a few hours away, depending on which State you’re in, better get your fingers ready.

“We are getting more Nexus 6 devices in stock as soon as possible. To make things simpler for you, we will work to make more devices available each Wednesday and encourage you to visit the site then.”

But is the Nexus 6 worth waiting for and stressing over? Perhaps, especially if you’re a fan of the Nexus line and experience. Those looking for a solid but more handy smartphone might start turning towards the DROID Turbo, at least if they’re on Verizon’s network. Rumors of a certain Moto Maxx might also be another option for those outside the US, though that might be limited to Brazil in the end. The Nexus 6, even before it gets out the door, is already facing some tough competition, ironically coming from its own Motorola siblings.

SOURCE: Google Play Store