It isn’t surprising to learn that OnePlus had technical difficulties when it opened the floodgates of its pre-order system, causing some probably now irate would-be customers to lose their slots and end up One-less. The startup, however, has come clean, at least according to them, about the problems they had. And in reparation, OnePlus will be conducting another special pre-order period on the 17th of November, hopefully more prepared for the onslaught of interested buyers.

Unexpected huge demand is always blamed for these mishaps. OnePlus claims that even though they had prepared their servers for heavy workload, they were still overwhelmed by the amount of traffic they incurred, leaving some users hanging at certain points in the pre-order process. This is both expected, since this always happens at events like these, but is also a bit surprising. It seems that despite OnePlus’ many shortcomings and almost dated device, many are still flocking to the OnePlus One. That said, we can never really be sure how many of those are legit owners and how many are opportunistic resellers.

In any case, OnePlus will be holding yet another pre-order session, this time taking place on November 17, 3 PM GMT. Whether that will also last just an hour, they aren’t saying, but it will most likely be so. They promise to come better prepared this time, but don’t expect miracles. If Motorola, which is a much larger company with more resources than a startup, still had problems, we can expect to see some kinks in OnePlus’ next system too. Hopefully not so much, lest they have an angry mob at their gates.

As for those who may or may have not gotten their orders in, OnePlus provides a short FAQ for their worries. If their payment from PayPal went through, then it means that their order has been placed even if they didn’t get their confirmation email immediately. They can wait up to 72 hours and check their My Order status before sounding the alarm. Canadian orders had an amusing hiccup, as the system labeled their addresses as going to the US instead, which, of course, will be fixed. And for those who have mistakenly placed two orders, they can cancel one of those 24 hours after placing the order and before the order ships.



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