Pen Loop for Pixelbook Pen

The Google Pixelbook launched with a Pixelbook Pen back in October. It’s not free as the Pen alone costs $99. The stylus hasn’t received any price cut yet even when the Pixelbook already went on sale. Google recently stopped selling the Pixel C in favor of the PixelBook. The Pixelbook Pen remains at its price point so don’t expect it to go down anytime soon.

It is one pricey digital pen so you need to take good care of it. We suggest you get the Pen Clip together with the Pixelbook Sleeve. There’s also the new Pen Loop for Pixelbook Pen as presented by Google. This accessory simply attaches to the Pixelbook and lets you adjust the device into any of the four modes. And good news: you don’t have to pay anything because the tech giant will send you a Pen Loop for free.

Pixelbook Pen

Use the Pen Loop to protect your Pixelbook Pen. Simply register your email address, home address, and serial number of your Pixelbook. The loop becomes useful especially when you are always on the go as it keeps the Pixelbook Pen snug, safe, and secure.

If you own a Pixelbook and a Pixelbook Pen, enter your details HERE and wait for Google to send you the Pen Loop.

SOURCE: Google