Out with the old, in with the new. The old Pixel C is no longer available on the Google Store. The device has been selling for two years now as Google’s flagship tablet but it’s now replaced by the Pixelbook. Android tablets aren’t as popular now as before but the Pixel C proved to be a good choice. Now, you won’t find it on the online store because the tech giant wants us to get the Pixelbook instead. Dropping Pixel C from the Google Store is expected since there is already a new and better version.

The Pixelbook was launched in October with a premium price. It’s on sale this holiday season and is offered with a free Google Home. Even the higher-specced 512GB, 16GB RAM, and Core i7 Pixelbook is now on sale for only $1,549.

If you own a Pixel C, know that support for the tablet will end soon but expect minor updates and security patches to be released next year. Nexus tablets are also losing support but that’s expected. It seems Google wants the consumers to get the PixelBook. It’s not exactly a crowd favorite right now because of the premium price. Android apps on Chrome OS don’t run smoothly as expected, at least, not yet, but Google is working on improvements already.

Android Parallel Tasks is a new feature on Chromebook that lets you see all apps running with a 3-finger swipe up or down. You can see what programs or apps are on. The idea is for you to know what app is killing your battery so you can close or pause. With Parallel Tasks, you can still hope those apps running and open but they can now be paused or closed down easily.

VIA: Android Police, Chrome Unboxed


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