Google Now is getting some significant changes. Aside from adding Explore Interests to bring more relevant cards and the improved weather card, Google Now is being updated with a new ‘Dashboard’ tab where ‘Home’ is also placed. Perhaps as preparation for the Google Assistant, the company is making several changes to Google Now to ensure everything will go smoothly.

This ‘Dashboard’ section is new but there’s not much information about because it’s not yet working. The tab is just there but only visible with the Nexus Launcher. It seems the feature collects data from from different Google services and shows them all in one place–this Dashboard. We’re guessing almost all quick data on events, calendar, to-do lists, emails, or photos will be listed there.

Google Home Dashboard 2

Details are scarce so we can surmise that it’s only a test. This could also be related to the Nexus Launcher which was recently leaked.

We can share with you a lot of our assumptions about this Dashboard but they will only remain as such. Let’s wait and see what this new section is all about and how Google intends to utilize it with the Google Now, Google Assistant, or the Nexus Launcher.

VIA: Android Police


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