When Google first launched Google Now back in 2012, they said that their goal for this feature is that it will give you the information you need without even searching for them. They will do it by asking you what you’re interested in then tailoring the cards that will appear according to your taste. While we’ve been enjoying a fair bit of that, there are still a lot of things missing, and now it seems that Google will be solving that issue through the new Explore Interests feature.

Some users have already reported seeing this new feature called Explore Interests and basically it is your way of telling Google the things and issues you’re interested in so they can bring you more tailor-fit cards in Google Now. There are various categories here including People where you can add the celebrities, personalities, politicians, that you want to follow, Sports, TV, Movies, Musicians, and even Stocks. You will also be able to add specific items in these categories.


The current set-up is pretty much limited to sports teams, items of interest when it comes to news, but with the addition of Explore Interests, then you’ll be able to expand the scope of your Google Now cards. You won’t need any third-party news aggregation apps since you’ll be able to see the most relevant items to your interests eventually.

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The Explore Interests feature has not been officially rolled out, although some users have reported seeing it already. Let’s wait fro news from Google before we start complaining that we don’t have it yet.

VIA: Android Police


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