Just a couple of days ago we were sharing with you leaked images and GIFs of what is supposedly a new Nexus Launcher that will be part of the upcoming devices, codenamed Sailfish and Marlin. Well now you will actually be able to try it out for yourself, if you’re okay with getting unofficial downloads. Someone from the XDA forum was able to get their hands on the launcher so other Nexus owners can try it out, even without having a new device yet.

Some of the things we saw in the early leaked images are seen here as well, including the “disappearance” of the app drawer. Actually, it didn’t really disappear but more like hidden and you will still be able to access it by swiping up or tapping the arrow. The Google search bar at the top of the home screen has also been replaced with a G pull tab on the left and the date and time on the right which reveals the calendar when tapped.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the APK, you’ll also see that there is now a Daily Wallpaper feature for your Nexus, plus a wider range of wallpapers built-in, some of which have also already been previously leaked. Of course what we don’t know for now (among other things) is to how the Nexus Launcher will work with the other rumored launcher-related thing, which is the Google Experience Launcher.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 06.56.55

We probably have a couple of months or so before Google officially announces the new Nexus devices, or if it will even be called that. HTC and Huawei are the frontrunners in the rumors stake, saying they will be the ones to manufacture Sailfish and Marlin. For now, you can download the Nexus Launcher from the link.

VIA: XDA Developers