Google I/O opened with the tech giant launching a new social smart chat app called Allo. It’s a mobile-only app that works just like Hangouts but it’s “smarter” in a sense that it has a chat bot that will answer your queries when you have no one else to chat with. It’s not a robot nanny but a chat assistant-slash-artificial intelligence that does smart search so you don’t have to do it on your own. Just say ‘Ok Google’ and see what The Google Assistant will serve up.

Officially known as The Google Assistant, this concept is said to be more of an “ambient experience” according to Google CEO Sunday Pichai. It’s not really an app but an idea that makes your devices smarter as it searches for information, remembers your actions, and provides the answers you need.

ok google the google assistant

The Google Assistant will be there to listen to your questions. When in Allo, ask @google and it will provide you information. It will do the search for you so you can quickly see all related answers. So if you ask what’s playing at the cinema, The Google Assistant will send a list of movies and the schedules at movie houses nearest to you.

Feel free to ask for reviews or ratings and even request that Google buys the tickets for you should you decide to watch a movie. Since Google already knows your accounts, it can do the job for you quickly. No need to print the e-mail confirmation. Just show the QR-Code Google will be providing.

Watch below how The Google Assistant works:

VIA: SlashGear