Google has recently released some updated information regarding Google Glass. The goodies include a video showing what using Google Glass will feel like, a bit about what you can do with Google Glass and even how you may be able to get a pair ahead of others. On that last one though, keep in mind — Google is now giving these away for free. Lets begin with the first of the three, how using Google Glass will feel, for which Google has released a video.

While we suspect there will be a world of difference between watching this video and actually wearing a pair of glasses, this appears to be a rather nice look at how it will feel and what can be done. If nothing else, this video is quite a bit nicer as compared to the original concept video. Basically, Google Glass will allow you to do things such as capture and share images and video, perform web searches and even get directions. Nothing all that new in that respect, however how you are able to do those things appears pretty nice.

For example, based on the video it would appear as if you are able to use fairly simple terms and triggers to make things happen. Waking the headset can be done by saying “Ok, Glass” and taking a picture or recording video is as simple as saying “take a picture” or “record a video.” And at 22 seconds in you get a look at launching a Hangout, in this case, the command is as simple as saying “hangout with.” Basically, Google Glass appears as if they will be able to help you navigate through life in a way that we currently use our smartphone to do. The one catch, while Google Glass appears as if will be able to do lots of things and provide assistance — you will still most likely have the awkward feeling that you are talking to yourself.

Touching back on the possibility of getting a pair, Google has opened the ability to apply. This is being done with the Explorer program and by handing over the required details such as a 50 word or less application (posted on Google+ or Twitter) along with up to five images and a video that is no longer than 15 seconds in length. The catch with being accepted into the Explorer program — you will need to pay $1500 and also be able to attend a special pick-up experience in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

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