Google gave a bit of a look at Glass a short while back when they released the How It Feels video. Whether this is how you had expected Glass to be, we think most will agree that video was able to provide a level of expectation as to how they will function in daily use. Still, there are some unknowns and other use cases that we have yet to see. One being while traveling. Enter the latest mock up from Jet Blue.

The airline has recently posted some images on their Google+ page showing how Google Glass could function in an airport. We should make it clear that these are just some mocked up images based on what this airline would like to see. Or more specifically, how Jet Blue would “continue to help the world view air travel through a whole new lens.” These images can as a result of the #ifihadglass hashtag.


Regardless of how they came to be, they do show Glass being used in a rather practical manner. They basically just guide you to where you need to be and to things that may be of benefit. Of course, we are probably far off for some of these items, but at least in the case of being able to show you where the available power outlets are located — we can only hope something like this comes in time.

Other potential use cases shown by Jet Blue include arriving at the airport and being guided to the parking garage with mention of how full that garage is at the moment, to entering the airport and being given your flight details including if the flight is on time, to being guided to the baggage claim (and being told how many minutes until the bags arrive), to leaving the airport and getting fare estimates for those needing a taxi.

[via Business Insider]