Google’s exciting Project Glass augmented reality device is slowly but surely gaining more and more interest from the public, while also getting closer to actually being able to be purchased. I’m sure many of you would jump at the opportunity to wear these smart glasses, myself included, but Google’s next step is to give Project Glass some style.

I have no problems walking around looking like someone out of The Terminator or X-Men, but the general public might not share the same values as I do towards the project. Or all of us tech geeks for that matter. So today we’re starting to see new reports that one of Google’s next steps is to bring some fashion sense and style to their designs.

Google wants people to actually like how Project Glass looks, and give it style, not just be a tiny screen and computer attached to our faces. Realistically the idea is awesome, but they need to look somewhat attractive for it to really take off – and Google knows this. They know how to build the most amazing mobile OS in the world, but they might lack that fashion sense that others have. Apple’s white earbuds sadly are a fashion statement for some, so Google needs to think outside the box.

According to reports by the New York Times, the Mountain View company is seeking to partner with a popular online start-up company that sells and designs trendy eyewear. The brand is called Warby Parker and Google hopes their unique and fashionable yet hipster designs will be a good combination. We pre-ordered a few pairs anyways, but it certainly won’t hurt if they look good too. We’re patiently waiting Google, but want it now!


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