Google Duo

Justin Uberti posted something important on his Twitter account. In case you have no idea who Uberti is, he is the Google principal engineer responsible for Google Duo, WebRTC, and Allo, Hangouts, and even the good old AIM. In a recent tweet, the Google dev shared that because of the low volume levels on phone calls with Google Duo v30, the rollout is paused temporarily. Users are being rolled back to v29.2 so as not to experience the volume problem further.

If you’re one of the affected Duo users, you are encouraged to use the v29.2 instead. Don’t download v30 yet while the tech giant is still fixing the issue. It should be available now on the Google Play Store since Sunday. Build v30 should also be ready before the end of the week.

Google has been busy updating the Duo app. In the recent months, we’ve witnessed 30-second video messages being allowed, call contacts not using the app, seamless Duo switching button for phone calls, Picture in Picture Mode with Oreo, and its True Caller integration. Note that in July last year, Google Duo reached the 100 million downloads milestone. We have no idea how many Duo users are there now but we’re certain more have been added.

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SOURCE: Justine Uberti