While not a lot of people ever enjoyed the idea of voice mail, people still used it in case they need to leave an important message for someone who’s not picking up. Google Duo is now letting you do a video version of it with its video messages. If your recipient can somehow not accept your video call, you can still capture the moment that you wanted to send them by recording a 30-second video and then sending it to the intended recipient.

For you to be able to record a video message, you need to do a video call with one of your contacts. If they don’t pick up or reject your call, you can tap on the “leave video message” icon and record up to 30 seconds of video of yourself or your friends or the thing that you wanted to show them. The recipient will see a play button on your icon on their Duo app. If you’re on the receiving end of a video message, after you’ve watched it, you can tap the call button to call them back easily.

The video messages will disappear 24 hours after you’ve watched them. But if you want to keep the message, you can always save it on your device. If you want to leave a good ole boring audio message instead of video, you can also do that. But that probably defeats the point of your video call in the first place. So just leave a video message to make it more fun.

The video messages on Google Duo will start rolling out to Android apps in the next few days. Google also assures users that the video messages, just like your audio and video calls, are end-to-end encrypted.

SOURCE: Google