Truecaller is probably one of the most popular third-party calling apps available in the market for those who want more functionality than their smartphone’s built-in dialler. They already have a lot of neat features like Caller ID, reverse number lookup, and spam blocking, among others. They have also partnered with various brands in creating features, and now the latest one may be their biggest yet. They now have integration with Google Duo so users can make video calls through the Truecaller app.

The integration basically means you don’t have to open Google Duo in order to make video calls, if you’re already on the Truecaller app that is. You will be able to do high-quality video calling to whoever you need to talk to beyond just a simple voice call. Of course they would have to have the Google Duo video calling app itself installed in their device so you can reach them through the integrated function in Truecaller.

This is a bonus for regular Truecaller users who want an easy to access platform for their video-first communication needs. While of course you can do these video calls from the Google Duo app directly, it might be more convenient if you have easier access to the dialler and if you use it more often than Duo.

The integration is a permission-based service so you won’t have any problem opting in or out of it. Again, the reminder is that you still need to have Google Duo installed in your phone and the person you want to call needs to have it too.

SOURCE: Truecaller