We saw the video call button appear on the Pixel 2 during its unveiling last October, but somehow when the device actually came out, that switch button was nowhere to be found, despite several updates afterward. Well, it looks like the functionality has finally gone live in the latest update. When you make a call to a number that is registered with Duo, Google’s mobile video chat app, you can now switch to it seamlessly and save up on your call minutes.

The basic function of the call button is to give you an option to switch to a Duo video call if the person you’re calling has already registered their number to the Duo app and has been using the video chat service. Just tap the video call button if you see it and the Duo app will launch with both the caller and the callee. The recipient now has the option to accept or reject the Duo call, although there is no audio signifier that will tell them the call has switched to Duo.

If they accept your Duo call, it will hang up the original phone call. If they don’t accept your Duo call, it will time out and return to the original in-call screen. The recipient will also have to unlock their phone to accept the video call, so they sometimes have to leave the in-call screen to unlock the device. That can be a hassle of course, so hopefully, this gets corrected later on.

Your call log will reflect two entries, one for the phone call and one for the Duo video call. Your device will have to run both the Google Phone app and the Duo app so that seems limited to Pixel devices for now.

VIA: Android Police