Samsung is currently working on the Note 7 product recall all over the world. So far, we know it’s officially being recalled in Australia where the first phone explosion happened, its native South Korea, the United States, and the UK. We’re expecting more countries will make a similar announcement soon and officially. In France, the Note 7 is being recalled as well although there’s no formal announcement yet. Samsung also just sent out a recall alert in Canada.

We also noted about the possible remote deactivations after September 30 in France. The move is said to ensure that no Note 7 will further explode according to a Redditor who shared the story. We weren’t sure about that part and true enough, Samsung said that it’s not going to happen. There won’t be any remote deactivations according to the company.

Samsung reminded us that official guidelines will be announced on the company’s official website. That sounds ideal but for now, that’s not happening– not anytime soon. Not ever. We have no idea where the French Note 7 mobile user got the information about defective phones being deactivated but now we know the real score.

To be sure, only get information from your carrier, retailer, or Samsung. If you own a Galaxy Note 7, you need to follow the steps that will be provided. Contact Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG, mobile network, or retailer.

VIA: Android Central

SOURCE: Healthy Canadians