Essential Phone Camera

One of the Essential Phone’s main selling points is its Camera app. Even before the smartphone was officially announced, we were already seeing sample photos and videos being shown off in the wild. The quality wasn’t as impressive but the Essential team continues to work on improvements and add new features. Ever since the phone’s release back un June 2017, the company has rolled out a few updates including the spatial sound in 360 and faster capture speed. There’s also the reduced compression, portrait mode, App shortcut support for different modes, Auto-HDR, and improved scene rendering.

Over the weekend, the Essential team introduced an update to the Essential Camera app. It allows taking photos faster on all modes. This includes the Burst mode which lets you capture many pictures in a few seconds. The update also includes several stability fixes plus improved animations.

The faster capture speed updated last year included spatial sound in 360 and we’re assuming that one remained together with the reduced compression, portrait mode, and the App shortcut support.

We still know there’s the Auto-HDR feature with improved scene rendering every time but for now, the Burst mode will do. Let’s wait and see for the next Camera update.

Download Essential Camera from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Essential