The Essential Phone has been available for almost a month now and we know about 5,000 units have been sold. People are saying that is low but we’re giving it a chance since it is from a new startup. Its only edge is having Andy Rubin, the Father of Android, at its helm. But for a better Essential Phone experience, the smartphone is getting a quick update to improve the camera.

The Essential Camera app will get the update that contains changes suggested by users and fixes to bugs and issues. Hopefully, this will improve performance, reliability, and latency of the phone’s camera.

The Essential Phone camera takes advantage of computation photography to post process the images. The idea is images are fused from the monochrome and color sensors. With the software updates, overall image quality is improved. You just have to download the update, take new photos, and compare the new images from the old ones you’ve already captured.

The app is also getting an update for the 360 Essential Camera images. The spatial sounds recorded through the four ambisonic mics on the camera can be added to the 360 images. There’s also a new countdown timer for your selfies in 360 camera mode which is best to use on YouTube and Facebook.

The Essential Phone camera app must be updated through the Google Play Store but you have to install the latest NMI81C system build as well. Other improvements iclude better performance and brightness in low-light and about 40% faster capture speed in low and regular light. The update also transforms the volume up and keys as shutter buttons when you are in 360 mode.

The Essential Phone team is still working on other improvements like the Portrait Mode, Pro Mode, animated 360 stills and filters, live streaming to Persicope and Facebook, plus more HDR improvements.

SOURCE: Essential Phone