Essential Camera App

Essential is like any other young startup. It is small so releasing updates regularly is not a problem. The company reminds us of BlackBerry that is aggressive in making new plans and improvements known to the whole mobile community. It was the first to roll out updates containing Android’s February 2018 security patch. And instead of Android 8.0, it rolled out Android 8.1 Beta. The Essential Camera app was updated with App shortcut support for different modes less than two weeks ago but now it’s getting another update.

The Essential Camera is getting Auto-HDR to further enhance camera performance. The HDR algorithm improves scene rendering and capture speed, as well as, dynamic HDR and Flash indicators. This particular update also includes several stabilities fixes on issues and problems found in the last version. You will notice those dynamic HDR and Flash indicators highlight icons when the features are used in auto mode.

A while back, the Essential Camera was updated with reduced compression and portrait mode, faster capture speed, and spatial sound in 360. We know more updates will roll out in the near future as Essential promised monthly updates.

Essential Phone’s camera is special as it features dual real camera technology and tuning phases. It’s one of the device’s selling points aside from being slightly modular. The phone can be enjoyed more with the 360-degree personal camera and future add-on accessories.

Download Essential Camera from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Essential