We’ve been covering the brand spanking new official DYZ Plastic Android toys series since it was very first whispered about, and today we’ve got an official release date! The first wave of DYZ’s stock of this second series of Android toys will go on sale on Thursday night (tomorrow) at 11PM EST, then again on Friday (March 11th) at 11am EST and they’re limited to 1 case per household. As you know, one case contains 16 pieces, which means you’ll likely be able to get nearly a full set, but not certainly.

Why not certainly? Because we don’t know the quantities in which the super secret special edition Androids are created in! Of course we’ve seen both of these super secret special editions, and own one of them (smells like chocolate!), so we’re not TOO worried about getting them, but will be buying a case nonetheless.

Below you’ll be able to peek at the Limited Edition Release information sent out by Dead Zebra (the shop where you’ll be buying your toys on this first release), so brush up! And look above and below at the two last Androids on the list! The one above is called Iceberg and was designed by the coolest artist ever, Andrew Bell, and has a 2/16 ratio, (two per box,) and the one below is the Noogler, designed by Jeff Yaksick for Google and having a 1/16 ratio – and YES, the propeller spins!

ALSO NOTE we’ll be having another series 2 giveaway sooner than later here on Android Community, so stay tuned! Check out our [First Contest] for clues as to how we’ll be running the next one. Excitement!


Limited edition releases are, not surprisingly, limited. This means that there are usually very few  to go around, and this also means that not everyone will be able to get one. Here is some info and some tips to help increase your chances!

Sometimes specific release dates and times are posted before a release. Check in the news, blog, newsletter, twitter, etc for product specific release information. Other releases may be surprised, unannounced, or spread out over time. 

In order to prevent over-ordering that results from delays in PayPal or Google Checkout payments, limited edition releases are restricted to Credit Card payments only. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you don’t have a credit card, some banks offer temporary credit card number generating services.

• Create an account and be logged in before the release, that way all of your  address information will be pre-filled in and ready to go.
• When creating an account double check all of your address information!
• Make sure your billing AND mailing addresses are on file with your credit card company, If you attempt to ship to an address that the card issuer does not recognize your order may be denied and you might lose out! It is as simple as calling your card company via the number on the back and adding/checking addresses on your account.
• Have your credit card handy, for security reasons we do not store any card information with your account.
• Please pay attention to posted order limits, orders over these limits may be canceled completely.
• Items in your cart are not “yours” until your payment is processed and order completed.
• Make sure deadzebra.com is on your list of safe e-mail senders.
• If you successfully place an order, but do not receive a confirmation e-mail within a half hour, first check your junk e-mail folder. If it’s not there pleasecontact us with the name, e-mail and address used to place the order.

If you have placed an order and received an order confirmation, your order will be listed in our system as “Awaiting Fulfillment”. This means that we have your order information and are in the process of packing up the order! When we print the appropriate shipping labels and have the package ready for mailing, your order status will be updated to “Shipped”. Sometimes we ship the same day, but typically orders are processed in 2-3 days.
Large limited edition releases may take several days to ship due to high volume.

Many Priority Mail and International packages will be assigned a tracking number. It can take several days for the tracking information to update in the US Postal Service system. Sometimes you’ll even get your package first! The tracking updates have nothing to do with us unfortunately, we can supply no more information than is available. International tracking, in particular, will often not update past the point of the final US-based sorting facility until it is delivered. 

Note: Due to excessive mail fraud and lost packages, we no longer ship to Malaysia.



    • 7.50. They are so cute. My dog ate my D.I.Y…So, now that she has a taste for androids, I just had to order a bunch of series 2.

      • $7.50 is the regular price.  Some places are charging more.  They are hard to find now. 


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