Recently the entire Android community and especially the fans and developers were hit with huge news, that Steve Kondik (aka Cyanogen) was hired by Samsung Mobile. While this is amazing news and everyone is most likely happy for Steve I’ve seen plenty of comments as of late that some are worried this might affect CyanogenMod as a whole.

Right off the bat I saw Twitter comments from tons of worried fans that don’t want to see the project wither away and die. After the news broke we quickly reminded everyone that they have a huge team and nothing will change. Today the team behind CyanogenMod themselves have confirmed this exact thing with the “State of CyanogenMod” blog post. Basically confirming everything we already said and linked to above. They all have day jobs, families, friends, and other responsibilities and in the end this is a hobby — something they love and will continue to do.

With key members of CyanogenMod busy with life things have been a little slow, but in no way is anything changing. They have a huge community of supporters and developers alike that will continue to churn out amazing updates and fixes for all of our favorite devices (just like my image above). We’ve seen recent video of CM7 on the Sensation 4G, progress on the Motorola Atrix now the bootloader has been unlocked, and even the LG Optimus 3D is set to receive CyanogenMod.

Everything over in cyan land should continue just as it always has. Users don’t need to worry that their devices will stop being supported out of the blue or that Samsung will effect the project, because they wont from what we are hearing. This has all been mentioned over on the CyanogenMod Blog today and I just wanted to share the news and help spread the good word.

Bring on CM7 for my Sensation, I can’t wait!