Just minutes ago we shared that the founder of CyanogenMod, Cyanogen himself, had been hired by Samsung. While we were happy for him to be sure, there was a feeling of uncertainty left in our stomachs about the future of our favorite ROM. Cyanogen has clarified though, we have no reason to fear, CM will stay strong, and he will continue to help lead the team.

In a quote to AndroidGuys.com, Cyanogen clarified that his job at Samsung is a chance for him to take the skills he’s learned working with Android and use it in the real world. He also stated that he will continue to help with code review for the project, and remain a leader in the direction of the ROM. Welcome news indeed.

Addressing his work on CyanogenMod as a hobby that will continue suggests that Samsung hired Cyanogen for his skills and knowledge of the Android system rather than any direct plans for using his custom ROM as the stock on a future phone. That doesn’t mean we can’t keep hoping though. Congrats again to Steve/Cyanogen on his new job!

[via Android Guys]



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