“Nobody” is the answer to the question “Who wants to frag some bots on your Android Wear smartwatch?” For obvious reasons, of course. But to keep the trail blazing for people who want to do stupid stuff on their smartwatches, here’s a guy who booted up everybody’s favorite Half-Life mod – Counterstrike – on his smartwatch. Why? Because he can.

The point seems to be, people are trying to prove what tremendous amounts of computing power we have on our hands these days. We’ve had people running Windows 95 on their smartwatches, playing full length movies, even bringing a Game Boy Advance emulator onto the platform. So we get it, the computing power inside a smartwatch – when compared to older computer platforms – is downright amazing.

Of course, no one will stop a person if he can get Counterstrike 1.6 to run on an LG G Watch – and that’s what Dave Bennett did. It’s right next to useless of course, because of the small screen, the lag, and the controls being on the screen. No network connection means no network play, but why would we even go there? Let’s just watch the video and be amazed at what a little (ok, A LOT of) free time and creativity can do.

What? So you want to try it yourself? Ok, that’s your call. You have to use an app named Xash3D, the same one we used to run CS 1.6 on an Android smartphone. The complete guide is available via the source link below.

SOURCE: Dave Bennett