YouTube user Corbin Davenport is gaining a bit of Internet notoriety, although we’re not exactly sure if this is the good or the bad kind. You see, he has tried to run some programs on Android Wear devices that, err… are not really normal nor useful to say the least. He has run Minecraft on his Samsung Gear Live, and has also ported classic PC shooter Doom on the same device. Now he has, for whatever reason unknown, managed to run a full Windows 95 operating system on his Android Wear device.

We say “run” in the flimsiest sense of the term, as you would imagine, a lot of things won’t work on the Android Wear device (if you were even thinking of it, don’t). Davenport is running the program via “ADosBox”, a free DOS emulator app available at the Google Play Store. It’s a relative miracle that the desktop of the venerable Microsoft operating system is even usable – and it surprisingly is, with a less than intuitive cursor emulation.

Also, the OS bogs down with errors when you try to run apps – the lack of VRAM, or virtual memory, is the culprit here. You will notice in the video as well that it takes a long time for the whole thing to start running, and not without a few of its own startup errors. Still, for the heck of it, we have to give props to Mr. Davenport who thought of something most would not even dare think of.

Hardware-wise, any Android Wear device you might buy today is leagues away from that machine that you ran Windows 95 on, complete with 133Mhz processor speed and 16MB of RAM. So in theory, your Android Wear device could actually run this operating system, and then some. The next question is of course, why you would do it in the first place.



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