If ever you get into a discussion about the merits of Android and some doubter comes up to you with the retort “But can it run Counter Strike?”, now you can actually answer with an emphatic “Yes!” There were early efforts at trying to run our favorite Half Life mod on an Android platform before, but the timing just wasn’t right. Technology and programming have finally caught up, and here we have a for-real version of Counter Strike running natively on Android.

The developer who made the breakthrough to bring everyone’s favorite shooter to Android is Alibek Omarev, who has posted a video of the game running on an Android tablet (see below). The game is slowed down heavily and fiddly at best – it probably needs a powerful platform like the NVIDIA SHIELD or the Samsung Galaxy S7 to work with enough fluidity to be enjoyable, but there can be no doubt that it is playable on Android now.

Omarev says that the game is customizable, and you probably should sync and program either a game pad or a keyboard and mouse to play it correctly. Touchscreen controls are ill-suited for this kind of game, unless you want to compete for most number of deaths by headshot.


To install the game, you will need a legal copy of CS1.6 via Steam. You need to install an APK for the client, and you have to choose either the APK for a multi-core or a single-core device. Then you have to install Xash3D Android, an app that allows you to port Half Life to your Android device. Lastly, you will have to copy files from the legal version of CS1.6 that you have on your PC. Follow the complete instructions from the source link below.

VIA: Droid Gamers


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