There are times in life when people just do something not because it will be useful or beneficial, but just to be able to say that they were able to do it. Not that we’re saying that’s entirely bad. In fact, even useless things have their purpose especially for future discoveries and inventions. Maybe that’s what “Hacking Jules” is aiming for as he has been able to port Game Boy Advance games onto an Android Wear device, specifically the oldest of the bunch, the LG G Watch.

Previously, just a year ago, a developer had been able to get Game Boy Color games onto a wearable, but now, this is more “advanced”, since it’s Game Boy Advance. The YouTuber who goes by the monicker “Hacking Jules” on his channel, uploaded a video showing how he was able to port a game, in this instance, Mario Kart for GBA, onto his LG G Watch. He used an emulator called “My Boy!” to be able to run this on the Android Wear watch.

But as you can see in the video which we’ll link below, having the game is not that great because it’s almost completely unplayable since a game that requires touch control and ported into a screen as small as a smartwatch would be weird. Your finger would cover most of the screen so you won’t see what’s happening anyways.

But as we said earlier, at least they were able to prove it could be done. And if you don’t mind spending $5, because that’s how much My Boy! costs in the Google Play Store, then you’d want to check it out for yourself, particularly if you’re a huge Mario Kart fan.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google