Alright, Canucks, you tend to get most things a little behind us in the States, but now the wellie is on the other foot. The June 20th release date for the Galaxy S III has been confirmed by smaller French-Canadian carrier Videotron, stating flat-out that Samsung’s flagship is coming to their network on said date. Pricing and availability weren’t detailed, but the standard sign-up form has been posted. Also note that this is the white version – the Pebble Blue shortage will likely follow into the Americas.

Videotron’s confirmation comes after a leaked advertisement showed the Galaxy S III hitting the Canadian big four on the same day, namely Rogers, Telus, Bell and Virgin Mobile. None of the larger carriers have confirmed this. Another leak showed the phone hitting T-Mobile in the US on the same day, so we can but hope. A more interesting question is which carriers (if any) will get the quad-core Exynos version – Rogers and Bell have LTE networks, which at the moment will require a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, as seen on leaked documents for Verizon’s GSIII.

The Galaxy S III is already available in parts of Europe and Asia, and makes its UK debut today. Between now and July, Samsung hopes to have the phone in more than 145 countries. None of the major US carriers have confirmed plans to release the device, but versions for all four have been leaked, some multiple times. Cross your fingers for a four-way launch in three weeks.

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[via MobileSyrup]


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