Samsung has confirmed their Pebble Blue Galaxy S III has been delayed with comments earlier today, basically stating that their high standards weren’t met with the blue models, thus resulting in small delays and new versions being manufactured. Samsung hasn’t mentioned any specific reason for the delay of their “newly invented” Pebble Blue color but it appears that we now know why.

Samsung’s new “special hyper-glaze material” coating they finish the devices with that gives the Galaxy S III a premium ceramic feeling, while also protecting the device from scratches and damage appears to be the problem. SlashGear received the details from the folks at Mobile Bulgaria who got the blue model and the image above is the results. The special glaze finish didn’t dry properly and as a result you get this “milky” and dirty looking finish that can’t be wiped or washed away. It’s almost like paint that didn’t dry properly, or too much was applied causing the milky result shown above.

This leads us to believe the Pearl White model could very well have the same effects, only they aren’t visible on that finish. Samsung only mentioned the blue model but Vodafone UK told Android Community yesterday that the 32GB white models have also been delayed, but not the 16GB version. Samsung has been rather quiet regarding the delays other than the comment mentioned earlier today, we’ve reached out for additional details and hopefully come clarification on the image provided. Here’s what Samsung’s had to say so far:

“Samsung’s GALAXY S III Pebble Blue version comes with a newly invented blue colour and special hyperglaze material. In order to meet the highest internal quality standards and to provide the best quality GALAXY S III to customers, a short supply of Pebble Blue version is expected in some regions in the next 2-3 weeks.

Samsung is working hard to ensure that customers will get the Pebble Blue coloured devices as soon as possible.”

For more details on the impressive smartphone check out this Galaxy S III review! Stay tuned as we wait for additional details from Samsung.

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  1. High quality standards HA this is the same Samsung that for the first generation of SGS phones released devices with GPS that barely functioned? And now they are worried about how the finish looks? Bleh

    • Grasping at straws, there…. The SGS was one of the best selling Android phones and SGSII was the best Android phone ever made

  2. So basically we still don’t know why it’s delayed but we’re going to speculate because someone has one with a blemish?!

  3. Samsung should have just shipped the SG3 AS IS with a notice stating that they will replace the back cover for FREE when they are available – rather than scrapping 600,000 back covers and pissing customers off with this ridiculous delay. This doesn’t say much for Samsung’s Quality Control Department if it didn’t notice the problem with the Pebble Blue back covers until 600k were made…

  4. Take the yellow plastic sheet off the back and lets see it then.
    Looks like air bubbles under a cheap screen protector.

    If that’s not a thin yellow film, there is a problem.

  5. The problem is….they should release the phone in February at the MWC in Barcelona. They delayed it til May 3. In May 3, they told us we will be able to buy it starting May 29.
    Now….we get another delay because of this. WTF they have done in this time. Between May 3 and May 29 they couldn’t see that issue ? Or before ? I was so happy that I will have this toy shipped to me today until I got the email that I need to wait 1-2 weeks for it 😐 BIG FAIL Samsung !


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