Haier Chromebook

People are asking if Chromebooks still matter. In the Android world, it’s a ‘yes’ because the small laptops can run some Android apps. Chromebooks are now preferred in schools and small enterprises because they are affordable, portable, and very useful. For less than $300 or $200, you can get a Chromebook for all your mobile computing needs. They don’t need to have high specs because the system does minimal performance. They don’t need huge storage space because most programs are cloud-based.

Chromebook runs Chrome OS and it’s the cheapest today in the market. Cloud-centric computing certainly makes things more affordable and more accessible. Entering the Chromebook market are two companies not really popular when it comes to computers and laptops but you can never go wrong with Haier and Hisense. The new Chromebooks are priced at only $149–perfect for any budget-conscious people especially in emerging and developing markets.

The new Haier and Hisense Chromebooks can easily connect owners to the Internet. The two currently have several competitors: Acer C910 Chromebook, Chromebook Pixel, Dell Chromebook 11, HP Chromebook 14 G3. Some of these models command a bit of a high price but the pair from Hisense and Haier is a winner for being very cheap.

The Haier Chromebook 11e is a more rugged version of the Chromebook 11. It’s enclosed in a ruggedized casing and comes with an integrated carry handle. There’s also a removable battery, spill-proof full keyboard, USB ports, and HDMI connectivity.

Haier and Hisense Chromebooks will be available starting today at the Google Store, Best Buy, and Amazon among others for only $149 each.

Haier Chromebook

Not much details on the specs of the Hisense model but it’s got plastic casing that seems sturdy, full-sized ports, HDMI, and a microSD card slot for storage expansion.

Hisense Chromebook