Dell has unveiled a new Chrome OS device that is aimed at the education environment called the Chromebook 11. As the 11 in the name implies, the machine has an 11-inch screen with anti-glare coating and a native resolution of 1366 x 768.

The battery inside the Chromebook 11 is good for ten hours of use per charge. Anything that is deployed in a school around students has to be tough or it’s not long for this world. The Chromebook 11 was tested to survive to military standards with military grade durability against pressure, temperature, shock, and vibration.

The keyboard is liquid resistant and the touchpad is as well. Dell fits the device with rubberized LED and base trim to absorb shock if it is dropped. The screen has a hinge that can rotate through 180-degrees making it easy to position for the best view.

The Chromebook 11 is also available with a touchscreen. The notebook has an activity light to make it easier for teachers to monitor. The LED has seven colors and the teacher can control what is shown. Dell fits the machine with a 720p resolution camera for web chats. A WiFi version will launch first with a version offering Verizon LTE coming later. The machine will sell for $249.99 and will launch February 12.

SOURCE: Slashgear