Samsung Display Bixby Force Touch

We don’t really need convincing about the Bixby but the voice assistant is definitely coming. It’s officially a feature of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 according to a recently published document that shows some information about the Galaxy S8 flagship duo. The digital assistant Bixby is mentioned in a privacy information page, at least, on the Italian version of Samsung’s website.

We’ve been saying that the Bixby is mainly an AI but the page confirms it is a voice assistant. Well, it could be one and the same but mentioning it as a voice assistant somehow puts a limit on its capabilities and features. This is the first time Samsung is using the Bixby but as early as December, we knew it would be pre-installed on the Galaxy S8 and can speak and understand about eight languages.

The Samsung website also confirms that the Bixby will be found on other mid-range and affordable phones. We’ll know for sure all the other specs and features on March 29 when the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are unveiled to the public. By then, we’ll also see if there really is no on-screen fingerprint scanning and perhaps know the reason why not.

We’re interested to know because we heard Samsung Display is working on a new OLED-based pressure-sensitive touch display for the next iPhone 8. We’re not sure if this is the same Force Touch rumored for the Galaxy S8. We’re not surprised about this one because the iPhone 6S already had it before.

Samsung Display is a different business so this partnership with Apple is good news for the South Korean tech giant being the sole OLED supplier. We just want to know if this will also be found in future Samsung phones or even in more products from other OEMs. Let’s wait and see.

VIA: Galaxy Club, The Investor