Let the hacking, modding and overclocking begin once this device is finally able to be purchased. Samsung has already released the kernel source code for the AT&T version of the Galaxy S II, even though the phone isn’t even out yet. We sure wish other companies would do the same (hint HTC). While Samsung released the code for the Epic 4G Touch on launch day, they’ve gone a step further here and it’s already available before the phone itself.

Now developers and users can download the source code and tweak, modify and change whatever their hearts desire. The Galaxy S II already is a stellar performing device but crank it up to 1.8 GHz and it will truly fly. Everything is available over at the Samsung open source center.

To make things even easier we’ll take it one step further and for access to the AT&T SGSII source code we’ve found it for you so just head over and download it by clicking here. This should make things readily available so when the phone launches next week developers will already have a head start. For those that may have missed it the AT&T Galaxy S II will be available October 2nd, and for just $199.

If you’ve been debating the purchase of the AT&T variant here is our hands-on coverage as well as another video showing the Galaxy S II’s featured apps and more.