The two new Tablets aren’t the only thing Archos has in their hat of goodies, they are also working on a Home Connect Android device as well as what they are calling a “Smart Home Phone”. The android powered unusual looking internet radio Archos Home Connect is pretty unique and can be used as a remote control and a picture viewer among other things. Then the wireless Smart Home Phone.

Our good friend Chris Davies over at SlashGear was able to get his paws on both of these devices today and took a few pictures and video for us all to enjoy. In case you missed it he also got the tablets on video and you can see those here. First off I’ll start with the Archos 35 Home Connect. The Connect is a lightweight little device running Android 2.2 with a 3.5″ screen, stereo speakers and 4GB of internal storage and can be upgraded via Micro SD. It has around 50,000 radio stations via the TuneIn app but it does not have access to the Android Market so you’ll have to find other ways to possibly run Pandora or Slacker radio on it.

Archos 35 Home Connect & Smart Home Phone hands-on:
[vms 20b5bec12e7b6e9648b8]

According to Chris they both feel a little on the plasticky side and not extremely durable but most Archos products feel this way so if you’ve used one before you’ll be right at home. Archos claims to have developed a super strong plastic body with a lightweight metal inner frame or skeleton for the devices making them both strong and lightweight so take it as you will.

Now on to the Archos Smart Home Phone, some might argue do we really need a device like this for our home but I guess that is ultimately up to the user and if he see’s the need. The Smart Home Phone is in fact a DECT handset and it features Android 2.2 as well as a 720p HD camera up front for video calling over wifi. You can use the phone to control the Home Connect Radio, and your new G9 tablet if you have one of those.

The Archos 35 runs a 1GHz OMAP3630 CPU that falls a little short of some of the recent FroYo phones of late, and the DECT phone specs are still not fully known. From the video both look to still have some beta bugs to be worked out and the screen responsiveness looks to be lacking. They most likely are resistive touch displays.

Check out all the pictures below. The Archos 35 Home Connect will make a great addition to a desk or nightstand and should come in around $149. Then you have the Smart Home Phone and it should run around $159 according to what we are hearing. They have some features and idea’s I could see myself using sometimes but I’ll have to see more before I make any decisions. Check out all the details over at SlashGear by clicking the source below.

[via SlashGear]