Tomorrow during the Superbowl, something completely amazing is going to happen. This game, Superbowl XLV, one of the biggest and most watched sports games of the year, this year hosting one of the oldest rivalries in the sport, the Pittsburgh Steelers verses the Green Bay Packers, will have a secret code in it. This code will pop up on your television screen during a preview for the 3D animation animal movie “RIO,” coming to a theater near you soon. What will this code reveal? A super secret Angry Birds level. What have we got for you here and now? An early glimpse of that level. Look below for a big fat spoiler.

The level you’re about to see in the gallery below is either an extremely elaborate hoax done by a relatively talented Photoshop artist, or it’s the super secret Angry Birds level you’re going to be able to access indeed. Either way would make sense, though a Photoshop job would more than likely carry a watermark of some kind, and heck, it looks like it’d fit right in with the rest of the levels that were released today, yes?

Now the fun lies in figuring out what kind of ammo we’ll be given to launch at this puzzle. What do you think? Maybe a bomb or two, more than likely a few blue birds to start us off busting up that big glass “R.” No matter what we’re going to guess at least five birds, no more than 6. Any guesses?

— Thanks for the pic, Mario!