As the title suggests, there will be another update to the brightest of all Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Seasons. This is a slight departure from the usual update string coming from said game as in the past they’ve mostly been official holidays, (or veiled references to those holidays, as it were,) this update being simply a lovely afternoon event in the sun. This update is sure to bring a couple new building bits, some new bonus points here and there, and of course some new hats for the piggies!

If you watch the preview below very closely, you’ll see that worst of all birds, the green on, flying overhead in his ever so evil flipping way, that pig certainly in trouble if there’s a skilled assessing behind the tapping. This is old stuff – that bird was here before. What’s new that you can glean from the video is that there’ll be bricks in this expansion. Lovely, impossible to break bricks.

Also you can see the new cool summer hat the pigs will be wearing, and the theme of the birds attempting to keep the eggs away from the pigs will continue. One unique thing about this expansion is the amount of platforms it’ll be announced on all at once. Where before Angry Birds has only once or twice mentioned word of the game being on more devices than just iOS, Android, and PC, now they’ve got a whole list of locations, all at once:

iPhone and iPad
Mac & PC

Wow! NOOK is now rated up there with the big boys! Also I should mention that the device floating around in the middle of the commercial is sort of a cross breed between devices, not quite an iPhone and not quite a Galaxy S II – odd button, man.

Note that we’ll be running through this game at super speed when it comes out, just like we’ve done in the past with such classics as:
Mine and Dine
RIO Carnival
RIO Beach Volley
Seasons: Easter Eggs

Gotta catch em all!