Well is there no end to the madness devs can create? Barnes and Noble’s newest NOOK has may be running Android, but it is harder to recognize under its e-ink display. Turns out that e-ink is no obstacle to the phenomenon that is Angry Birds. It doesn’t exactly run well, making the screen very cranky, but it goes to show what you can do with root access and a little determination.

The newest NOOK is running atop the Android OS we all know and love, but was clearly not meant to run the way we know. Given the fact it has a black and white e-ink display, and lack of other fancy gadgets like a camera, the NOOK was made to be an eReader. It might not have the guts for it, but a moral victory has been won today.

If you’re looking to play Angry Birds on your new eReader, you may want to wait a bit. Right now there’s no neat, easy way to install it, and we can’t be sure that it will reach a usable status. Its also questionable if the hardware will ever be able to handle the animations. Check the video below to see how it runs.