Ding ding ding SQUAWK, you know what that means, time for an Angry Birds update – today’s update is to the movie tie-in game Angry Birds RIO, the expansion another chapter from the movie in what they’re calling Carnival Upheaval. What you’ll be finding here is a new bird, (one half of the two blue bird shooter you were using before,) this new bird floating normally through the sky with a several hit combo when activated. An oddball bit of fodder to be sure. Also look for this set of levels to be the most epileptic of all the levels, more seizure inducing than any level before!

This set of levels includes the first half of Angry Birds RIO Carnival Upheaval, the second part coming whenever the fine folks at Rovio decide that we’re worthy of it. This first half contains 15 levels, each of them taking place on a series of carnival floats, the entirety of the street carnival on either sides of the street you’re going down. No beads allowed, no drinks either, because you’ll need to use everything in your arsenal just to pay attention to the game because there is a LOT of confetti coming down and you WILL get a headache if you look too long at the screen.

You’ll find a couple new bouncy balloon blocks on the ground in several stages here, the main challenge in these levels being the surprising amount of stone blocks to break down or push for your benefit. Behold a series of levels where it’s the non-interactive environment that makes the game the hardest to play. Rovio, if you’re listening, feel free to release an update that allows you to turn OFF confetti.

Second set of 15, still locked

This expansion of the Angry Birds RIO game is available right this second in the Amazon Appstore and will eventually be available for everyone who does not like to use the Amazon Appstore, this availability being through the Android Market. Have at it! And if you’re looking for golden secrets, be sure to check the labeled boxes for the most part, and in at least one part a labeled beachball!

Level 7-1

Level 7-2

Level 7-3

Level 7-4

Level 7-5

Level 7-6

Level 7-7

Level 7-8

Level 7-9

Level 7-10

Level 7-11

Level 7-12

Level 7-13

Level 7-14

Level 7-15

Lots of fun awaits! If you’d like to see more Angry Birds spoilers, just head to our big fat [Angry Birds Portal O’ Fun] for everything you could hope to seek!