Today’s the day! It’s the day that the May update for the Angry Birds RIO expansion, one called Beach Volley, and it’s a whole bunch of fun in the sun for hours on end! Actually more like an hour or so if you’re cruising through it with no regard for golden watermelons or three-star perfect scores. What we’ve done, in classic Android Community fashion, is run through the game using our amazing Angry Birds professional gamer Millie the Cat! She’s made it easy for those of you so hungry for the storyline that playing the game just wont do! Have a look at all the levels on the beach below.

There’s a few things you should know about this particular expansion, especially if you’ve never played a level of RIO before. How you’ve gotten this far without playing the earlier levels I do not know, but here it is: there’s a bunch of Common Marmosets in this newest expansion (there were some in the 2nd set of levels as well,) that we’ll from here forward call monkeys because it’s easier. Millie calls them monkeys, so we’ll call them monkeys too. These monkeys effectively replace the pig enemies in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, while in the first set of levels on RIO your goal is to break cages of rare birds, freeing them from their captors. These monkeys, as the storyline goes, are minions of the captor of the birds, sent to hunt you down. This captor is a big white bird by the name of Nigel, and he wants to capture you and all your bird friends after you temporarily beat him down at the end of the 2nd set of levels.

We won’t let that happen though, will we? Heck no. All the original birds are here, plus there’s a new tosser by the name of Blu and Jewel that you’ll be using to knock out monkeys. This newest member of your team may look like two separate birds when they’re standing in line to get slingshot, but they’re handcuffed together by the leg – they act sort of like a combination between the green bird, which reverses itself and acts like a boomerang, and a yellow bird who shoots in a bee-line in whichever direction it happens to be aiming. This blue bird combo floats through the air until you tap the screen, at which time they fly straight forward and slightly up. More often than not you’ll be hitting an object before they start flying too far so you may not notice their slight upwards motion at first, but I assure you, it’s there. Blu and Jewel are extremely powerful, so make sure you’re using them against the biggest and the baddest portions of the towers the monkeys sit upon.

Then there’s a couple odd levels I’d like to take you through, but we’ll get to them when we get to them below. One has a ton of umbrellas and the other is the final level with another new character ally of yours. Fun!

Level 5-1

Level 5-2

Level 5-3

Level 5-4

Level 5-5

Level 5-6

Level 5-7

Level 5-8

Level 5-9

Level 5-10

Level 5-11

Level 5-12

Level 5-13

Level 5-14

Level 5-15

Level 6-1

Level 6-2

Level 6-3

Level 6-4

Level 6-5

Level 6-6

Level 6-7

Level 6-8

Level 6-9

Level 6-10

Level 6-11

Level 6-12

In level 6-12 you’ll be challenged to bounce your birds across a sea of umbrellas in order to bowl over an otherwise-simple tower. As it turns out, you’re about to do this with a single bird. Good luck!

Level 6-12 IN FLIGHT!

Level 6-13

Level 6-14

Level 6-15

The 15th an final level of the second half of the third act of Angry Birds RIO is one with a massive set of towers in every sort of configuration, seemingly impossible to destroy without extra birds or some sort of trick or aid. As it turns out, the aid you seek is inside the big bush right in front of the slingshot on the beach. Notice how there’s no monkeys on the ground? There’s a reason for that.

Level 6-15 Luiz the bulldog!

Hooray it is the bulldog character from the RIO movie, Luiz! He’ll help you out by knocking down and out anything that hits the ground, including those wiley monkeys who might otherwise survive a short fall from the low peaks. To call Luiz all the way across the level and therefor through several items you’re much better with having knocked down, just hit that big set of beach balls on the far end. After Luiz sees the balls hitting the ground, runs over and chows down on everything in his path, you should only have a monkey or two left to deal with, of any at all. Win!

Level 6-15 Three Stars!

In the gallery below you can see the final scene showing Luiz helping your crew separate the two blue birds from one another and a few other tidbits we found interesting as we went through this iteration of the game. For more walkthroughs and spoilers like this one for Angry Birds, just hit the [Angry Birds] or [Rovio] portal.

NOTE: Also keep an eye out for “tagged” boxes, wood, sand, or anything else. These white luggage tag-like markers show you exactly where you’ll be finding the golden Watermelons in this act. Gotta catch em all!