As you may have already heard, guessed, or found out for yourself via paying very close attention to the newest apps on the market list, the original Angry Birds has been updated with 15 new pig-ridden levels for your full enjoyment! This whole new scenario is set underground, where the pigs have taken it upon themselves to continue to hide away your bird eggs, seeking to tower themselves below some rather precariously hanging stalagtites – that’s the kind hanging from above! See below for a FULL SPOILER of this newest set of Angry action.

This update includes 15 levels but is host to 45 levels when it really comes down to it. This Mine and Dine update shows itself to have three screens at least of levels, only one single set of 15 available to you upon completion of the first Angry Birds set of levels, as always. This set of levels is set in a cave where the pigs have helmets on with flashlights, there’s wood and rock to be broken, and again, stalagtites hanging down from above.

These hangers are the newest element you’ll be dealing with, you able to use them to your advantage by knocking a bird into them, they then falling directly downwards in a massively destructive display of mayhem. This plays out in a rather exciting way in several levels which feature bomb boxes basically inaccessible in any other reasonable way. You’ll also be collecting new lovely point givers like gems of all sorts, a lovely set of colors shall you be experiencing.

This set of levels is of a slightly less intense nature than what we’ve experienced in recent updates on the RIO expansion of Angry Birds, this again showing the versatility of the ROVIO gang and their Angry developing madness. To have such a money-making game is to allow yourselves the time to create updates of such epic nature that people take the time to create guides just for them – or in our case, spoilers so you can get excited but learn how to win on your own.

Get to it! The update is available to you in the Android Market today!

Level 15-1

Level 15-2

Level 15-3

Level 15-4

Level 15-5

Level 15-6

Level 15-7

Level 15-8

Level 15-9

Level 15-10

Level 15-11

Level 15-12

Level 15-13

Level 15-14

Level 15-15

Bonus pics below!