We’re excited to know more about Android N and good thing we have the developer previews as first glimpses of the next Android platform. Google is actually quick to release preview versions. Only six weeks after the first release last month, the 2nd preview rolled out recently with a new notification setting level. That’s aside from the VR settings being added and launcher shortcuts among others.

We also know new emojis are arriving on Android N and we’re excited to see if they will be different from the standard emojis we’re already familiar with. As it turned out, the emojis were tweaked a bit. There are more emojis now on Android compared to iOS. If you will look closely, they actually look closer to iOS emojis. The blobs now look more human but display will depend on the Unicode version available.

The Verge did a comparison of the two sets. Notice that the blobs seem to have more “life” in expressing an emotion. More human faces have been added as part of Android N but some blobs will remain as well…errr, blobs. Android emojisMeanwhile, DespairFactor who is an XDA-recognized developer gathered the font file from Android N to share to everyone. A zip file is now flashable so Android users can start using the new set of updating emojis even if it’s not Android N yet. This means any rooted device can have the Android N emojis.

Download the flashable ZIP file from XDA. Flash AT YOUR OWN RISK.