By now, some of you are probably enjoying Android N. We may not know yet how Google will officially call Android N (no, it’s not New York Cheesecake) but at least we have ideas on the basic functions and features of the new version of the mobile platform. So far, we’ve seen a Full Importance setting where notifications can be controlled one-by-one.

In the System UI Tuner, the Full Importance setting can be found. It is where a user can control a certain notification to play sound, peek on top of the screen, show up, or stay on top of the notification list. This time, five levels are renamed and you will see the addition of a new level–a Min importance setting. This one shows the different levels of urgency. It’s up to you how you want a notification to show up–if it will be accompanied by a sound or will appear on top of a list.

From the very first Dev Preview are five Full importance settings: Blocked (show these notifications), Low importance (silently show at the bottom of the list), Normal importance (silently show notifications), High importance (show at the top of the notifications list, make a sound), and Urgent importance (peek onto the screen then make a sound.).

The Android N Dev Preview 2 has been added with ‘Min importance’ that can silently show at the bottom of a notification list. Make sure the settings are enabled in the System UI Tuner to use any of the settings we’ve already previewed.

VIA: Android Police