The Google I/O conference opened up with a bang and so far, we’ve seen the Allo smart chat app and the Duo video call app and learned more about The Google Assistant. The search giant is expected to share more about the Android N, Android VR system known as Daydream, and Google Home among others.

Also introduced is a new system called Android Instant Apps that lets a mobile user open apps instantly as a web link. This feature gives us a quick preview of new apps before even downloading them. There’s no need to download an app you want to try if you’re not sure yet.

Google has already started working with developers on apps like B&H Photo, BuzzFeed, Medium, Zumper, Hotel Tonight, and Disney.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps is still under development but Google is showing off this system that will make mobile experience easier. With Android Instant Apps, you can access those apps without installing. The idea is for it to work smoothly as if opening a webpage. What’s good about Android Instant Apps is that it can work for older versions of Android from Jelly Bean to KitKat to the most recent ones like Lollipop, Marshmallow, and the upcoming Android N.

Watch Android Instant Apps run on KitKat below:

If you may remember the App Links, it’s basically the same. It allows links to items like native Android apps without the installation. No information when it will be ready for public release but Google is already working with other app developers and programmers. Definitely, this service will be available before the year ends.

More information about Android Instant Apps according to Suresh Ganapathy, Product Manager at Android/Google:

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SOURCE: Android Developers Blog