We hope everyone started off the their work week well, and even though you may have been busy – we’re here with the daily wrap-up to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Early this morning, word got out that “Key Lime Pie” may be the next version of Android OS, after “Jelly Bean”. Bear in mind, this is still a rumor at this point, and the information comes straight from a tip over at The Verge. Another rumor that followed, is that ASUS could be the manufacturer for the Google Play or ‘Nexus’ tablet. We had known Google was preparing a “tablet of the highest quality” for some time now, but that’s pretty much it.

A tip suggests the Samsung Galaxy S II will see Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on March 15. This tip was based on a post by the localized Samsung office that was since deleted. Another device that should see an update to ICS soon is the HTC Vivid. It will also acquire Beats Audio and of course HTC’s modified UI, Sense 4.0. We are to see this in the coming weeks, so hopefully sooner rather than later.

The camera from ICS has come to the Android Market, but we ask you to think twice before downloading it. It’s not uploaded by Google, and unless you have Android 4.0 – it’s not going to be fully functional. To top it off, it also has ads built in. What the developer has done is repackaged the application straight from ICS source, and added it to the market. It won’t be long before someone else uploads a full featured Android 4.0 camera app, and free of ads.

And finally, check out OverSkreen Browser; a desktop-like browsing alternative for Android tablets. It allows users to open pages in new independently sizable windows. It’s available today for $1.49 as an introductory price, but will jump up to $2.99 starting tomorrow. So if this seems like the kind of browser you’ve been waiting for, read the reviews and then give it a chance.