One of the many features that makes Android amazing is Live Wallpapers. Being able to make your smartphone or tablet come to life with an active and live moving wallpaper. There is literally hundreds and hundreds of choices on the Google Play Store. From holiday themed ones for Christmas, our favorite sports teams, Android 4.0 ICS boot animation live wallpapers and much more. Below you will find 10 awesome live wallpapers we thought you’d all enjoy.

There’s no better way to quickly and effectively make your Android smartphone or tablet feel unique and personalized to you. With thousands of live wallpapers to choose from, it’s really hard to just mention 10. These aren’t the 10 best, or the most popular, but just 10 we love and have used in the past.

To start off we want to shout out a few awesome live wallpaper developers. First off check out DualBoot Games Apps as they have some of the best and festive options on the market. Then one of my personal favorite developers is for offering such beautiful, classy, and simple live wallpapers. Then MakoMako also has some pretty impressive LWP options so check em out.

First we wanted to start off with the Vortex Galaxy Live Wallpaper. It’s still one of my favorite LWP’s and I use it on at least a few different tablets at any given moment. The same developer is listed above and has tons of other awesome options from Crazy Colors, to Shadow Galaxy taking a close second.


The colors in the Vortex Galaxy are simply stunning, smooth, and beautiful. It’s calm and elegant and will keep your tablet or smartphone looking great for months. I change mine weekly, but this is certainly one of our favorites.
Vortex Galaxy LWP Link

Then, since it was just Super Bowl weekend and everyone loves sports another fun option is the NFL 2013 Live Wallpaper. It’s currently showing off the Super Bowl contenders, but you can pick from all the teams once you buy the paid version. With awesome graphics, and smooth visuals with flags swaying in the wind this is a great way to show your team spirit.

With vibrant team colors, interactive 3D team helmets, and live fans and lighting in the stadium this developer really went all out. You’ll have to get the paid version to sport all teams, but it’s worth it.
NFL 2013 Live Wallpaper Link

Then this developer could easily take up all 10 spots, but KittehFace Software has some of the most elegant and unique wallpapers around. Their Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper is extremely detailed and realistic, the clouds move in and thunder strikes. Oh and watch for rain!

We have to give a shout out for Kittehface’s Koi Fish LWP, and the same goes for the simple yet peaceful Silhouette Live Wallpaper. They are all very peaceful and polished, and don’t forget to check out their American Flag option.
KittehFace Software Live Wallpapers Link

We could have just called this 10 awesome Live Wallpaper developers because we have another great list and offering from 7art studio. This one is called Luminescent Jungle and you can probably guess how it looks. With optional clocks and more 7art Studio has some pretty neat wallpapers too.

The Jungle is probably one of my favorites but your mother or sister might like their Flower Clock Live Wallpaper. Check them all out as this developer is all about clocks.
Luminescent Jungle Wallpaper Link

Sun Rise Live Wallpaper is another one of our favorites around these parts. Simply for the fact that the developer nails the idea on the head. Waking up and looking at your phone with a pretty sun rise with trees floating in the wild and birds soaring the skies. It’s a great way to wake up.

This is another dead simple yet very pretty and nice wallpaper option. There’s not a lot to it, but it doesn’t need anything else. If you’re lucky you might even get a rainbow to start off the day.
Sun Rise Live Wallpaper Link

Not everything is peaceful and calm however. If you want something a bit more crazy or dark we have a Dark Knight Rises themed wallpaper called Rise from a Fallen City. Instead of a picture just watch the quick video below to see how neat this one is. It sort of throws me off, but I still love it.

Rise from a Fallen City comes from MakoMako, which is one of the developers we mentioned above. He has tons of different options, although his paid apps don’t have as many features as we’d like. The full version is coming soon hopefully with falling rocks, clouds, crumbling buildings and much more for the Batman fan in all of us.
Rise from a Fallen City LWP Link

Another awesome option from the same developer is one called Animus Interface LWP. This like most, comes in a free version, then a paid $0.99 app with multiple options and settings. It’s inspired by Assassin’s Creed and has an awesome neon or almost Matrix-like look and feel.

Some users reported this caused a little lag, but with impressive graphics and stunning visuals you should probably have a newer phone, just like some games require. For those with a Galaxy S III or other newer phones give this one a try. It’s neat!
Animus Interface Live Wallpaper Link

Time for another simple live wallpaper. This is called Glitter Live Wallpaper free and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Different colors, shapes, and sizes of glitter that will twinkle and glisten on your smartphone.

The free version has three background colors and a few different Glitter options, but the paid app has plenty of tweaks to completely customize this live wallpaper. You can change glitter size, shape, speed, color, and you can add more glitter by tapping the screen.
Glitter Live Wallpaper Link

Daybreak Live Wallpaper by Jason Allen is another favorite of ours. This soothing live wallpaper shows a quaint little house farm in the silhouette of the sunlight and clouds going from twilight to dawn. The sky quality could be improved, but that might be to save battery and make everything smooth.

This is another developer that has more than one live wallpaper, and most of them are quality releases worth giving a try. Hit the link above for all of his work, or below for this one specifically. Enjoy!
Daybreak Live Wallpaper Link

Then last but certainly not least one of the oldest live wallpapers I still use all the time is Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper. It certainly isn’t HD and this 8-bit style pixels raining down your smartphone or tablet still is one of my favorites.

The picture really doesn’t give pixel rain justice. The pixel-style rain drops will drop from the top of your display and come crashing to the bottom with a splash and bust into tiny pixels as they fade away. What makes this awesome aside from the cool pixel raindrops is the level of customization all for free. With more than 10 different colors you can change the color, size, frequency, and even tweak the shatter or splash. Pixel Rain has always been a favorite of mine, and you can get this from the link below.
Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper Link

Now that was just a few of thousands and thousands of live wallpapers that grace the pages of the Google Play Store. We could ramble on for hours and show you tons of impressive wallpapers, but lets just start with these 10. We’d love to hear what your favorite LWP is. Feel free to drop us a comment or link below with your favorite ones.