I’m back today with another awesome Live Wallpaper for everyone to check out and I’ve picked one that is completely free and has a few different versions available. Today I’m featuring the Vortex Galaxy LWP. It is a very simple idea but it looks incredible doing it. Just like market comments said I have found myself to zone out while watching this on my brilliant and vibrant Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen — This wallpaper is amazingly awesome.

This LWP is smooth and stable and so far my battery life doesn’t seem to be bothered one bit from all day usage. I’ve been using Vortex Galaxy on both my tablet and my HTC Sensation since last night and I love it. It’s almost peaceful to sit and just watch this LWP on your device. While I usually try to pick wallpapers that are full of features and options this week’s doesn’t come with many of those, but it doesn’t need to as it works great just the way it comes.

Don’t mind the music and just enjoy the video demo below:

Like I’ve said above it appears to work perfect on both phones and tablets and I’ve not noticed it causing any lag while scrolling through screens either, something other LWP have issues with. The developer maxelus.net has four of these Galaxy wallpapers and this is by far my favorite with Shadow Galaxy taking a very close second. This is one of those wallpapers I highly recommend you download and try — and hey it’s completely free so why not right?

For our other featured wallpapers head over to the Wallpaper Portal. Feel free to also hit the Android Market to check this and his others out, as always you can click or scan the QR Code below to directly head to the download of Vortex Galaxy Live Wallpaper.