We all love our android Live Wallpapers right? It is just one of those features that adds that extra touch of personality to your smartphone. Last week we featured the Pixel Rain LWP and so many people liked it that I figured I’d find another one of my favorites for everyone. Today I present you with Thunderstorm LWP, made by one of the best wallpaper developers around.

Originally this was only for phones and I ran it for months on my old myTouch 4G and it truly is an awesome live wallpaper. Since honeycomb and the Xoom were released the developers have made some huge improvements to resolution, graphics and overall smoothness of most of their LWP’s on the market and this is still one of my favorites. It may not seem that cool but once you install it you’ll realize how cool it actually is, the occasional lightning bolts and pouring rain make it that much better.

This wallpaper is NOT a movie and it doesn’t just loop. You can change the lightning bolt frequency as well as color (for you DROID fans wanting red) as well as the light flashes and more. It truly has tons of options and it’s one of those wallpapers I show friends and family on my Xoom. You can even change the ambient light color then make the lightning black and it will feel like the world is ending. Check out the video below for a better idea of the different options available.

After watching that video you know you want to download and show off this wallpaper. I know I did. It is available in the Android Market. They offer donate versions for those wanting to show your appreciation and help these developers continue to create amazing wallpapers. Here is the QR code to make things a bit easier.