It’s almost that time of year and we just have a few short days to go before we bring in the new year, swear off snacks or junk food, attempt to quick smoking/drinking, and all those other new year resolutions no one keeps after about January 20th. While I have a few applications for that coming shortly today I’m focusing on an awesome 3D live wallpaper for bringing in the new year. It’s called 3D New Year Live Wallpaper and it’s totally cool and has some awesome graphics. Check the pictures and video out below.

Sadly I didn’t find this awesome application until yesterday or I’d have shared it with everyone as it works great for Christmas countdowns too. With snow falling, glistening graphics and even a pretty x-mas tree that will swirl down your 4.65″ display and shine bright on that Galaxy Nexus or any of those other Android devices around. With different options, colors, lockscreen options and more this is a very thorough and fun little application.

3D New Year Live Wallpaper video

The video above shows just how nice and polished the live wallpaper really is. As usual I try to find LWP’s with tons of options and choices and we have plenty here from the color, lockscreen and more like mentioned above. Personally going under the christmas tree was really cool and the 3D graphics are quite stunning if I don’t say so myself.

3D New Year Live Wallpaper does cost $0.99 cents in the Android Market but just read the comments as everyone seems to really enjoy it. I must admit it has some of the best graphics and details I’ve seen in a while and looks stunning on the Galaxy Nexus. There is a free version with less options for those wanting to take that route.

Market Link
Market Link Free