I’m back today with another live wallpaper for everyone to enjoy. Today I’ll be featuring Sun Rise Live Wallpaper. This is a simple and pretty sunrise scene that will look great on both your phone and any tablet. I always try to pick wallpapers that work on both and today is no different. With birds enjoying the sunrise to rainbows appearing this will stay put as your wallpaper for weeks.

Waking up in the morning to a pretty sunrise is a nice touch for my device, it lightens your spirit and better than looking at the gloomy overcast clouds here in Vegas. As always I pick a wallpaper that has a few options and choices so the user can make it their own. Sun Rise is pretty limited but the paid version is only $0.82 cents, yup only .82 cents you wont even have to spend a whole dollar.

With a pretty sun rise like that who wouldn’t wake up feeling refreshed right? With options to remove the flying birds or the rainbox you can do exactly what you want. You can even speed up the rate the birds fly or make the rainbow only appear when you get a new SMS text message. The clouds calmly move in the background as the sunrise hits the tree-tops.

This app is available in the market for free, or you can always buy the paid version for just $0.82 cents and unlock all the features and settings you’d like. Although the birds could use a little work the rest is extremely simple and beautiful. I like having these types of wallpapers rather than flames and some of that other crazy stuff.

Feel free to scan or click the QR code below to head to the market and download Sun Rise Live Wallpaper and don’t forget to see the rest of our wallpapers at the Live Wallpaper Portal. Thanks!