Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs White Galaxy Note hands-on [Video]

October 27, 2011

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Are you guys in for a treat? We have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note both right here for a little tale of the tape all on video. Both devices getting their European debut today and Samsung announcing a white version of the Galaxy Note, and that the Nexus will be available starting November 17th. We have the new Ice Cream Sandwich rocking Galaxy Nexus next to the new white Galaxy Note for a full comparison for those that have been dying to see one, check it out and all the photos after the break.

We were live at IFA when the Galaxy Note was officially unveiled and here is our hands-on from that too. Today what we have is even better -- the amazingly awesome looking Galaxy Note dressed in white sitting next to its little big brother in the Galaxy Nexus. I say little because it's smaller yet added bigger because it still happens to be rocking a 4.65" display and the bigger newer Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. I'm sure you all know plenty about both of these awesome devices so I'll skip the chit chat and show you our stellar photos and hands-on video.

The white Galaxy note looks incredible, with that sleek bezel and matching white stylus all in a thin 9.65mm chassis. We can't forget the bright and vivid 5.3" 1280 x 800 Super AMOLED HD display and 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. I'm always a little worried with the color white on a smartphone, but here its just gorgeous. Who agrees?

Then we have the Galaxy Nexus and its 4.65" Super AMOLED HD display also rocking a high resolution -- only it's 1280 x 720 but looks equally awesome. We've covered this phone more than anything I can remember from the recent past and here is our initial hands-on. Again, a quick rundown of specs we have a 4.65" display, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and also a very thin chassis coming in around 8.4mm on the Galaxy Nexus. Before I go any further check out the video below:

Galaxy Nexus vs White Galaxy Note hands-on
[youtube AW2Vl4CVRd4]

If that doesn't make you want either of those devices, or both then I don't know what will. Obviously with the Note we have Android 2.3 Gingerbread but we've been told it will in fact receive Android 4.0 ICS soon. Pair that with native stylus support in 4.0 the Galaxy Note will be one super duper experience when those two things come together. Clearly from the video the stylus support is already excellent thanks to the Wacom digitizer used by Samsung. No time frame was given on the update but Samsung did mention they've been working closely with Google, obviously.

Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich hands-on
[vms 4b1be110b7bf70c8362d]

Then we already know plenty about the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung just announced availability in Europe starting November 17th, and we are expecting a similar date for the Verizon 4G LTE model. The Samsung Galaxy Note is already for sale in parts of Europe and you can pre-order the Galaxy Nexus on right now. Enjoy all of the photos in the full sized gallery below!

[device id=1740]

[device id=1438]

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  • Anonymous

    Both devices looked awesome! I just hope the Note comes to verizon. That will definitely be my next phone when it’s available.

  • I must be the only one that thinks Samsung products in white look fucking horrible. 

    Piano black all the way! 

    • Anonymous

      White Apple products are the same.
      Generaly white don’t look good at all.

  • mb

    The Nexus does have a 5MP rear-facing camera, not 8MP.

  • DonH

    At one point you say the display is Super AMOLED HD but in the specs its states it’s Super AMOLED. Is there a difference?  If so, which is it and why the discrepancy?

  • Balabr

    Hi Would welcome any feedback on which of these phones (Note or Nexus) I should buy. My usage pattern will be 60% business and balance personal incl entt and social networking., Does the Note go into a trouser pocket easily ? Is the upgrade to ICS a sure thing or only a possibility ?

    • Anonymous

      Galaxy Note will be updated to ICS for sure. Samsung made mistake once, they will not do it again. The phone fully capable of handling new system so they have no arguments not to.
      Having said that, it might take 2-3 months but it’s not that Gingerbread is making that phone worse.

      If business use means for you taking notes and you prefer drawings, tables and diagrams instead of pure text then Galaxy Note should be a killer. 
      It’s small enough to be hidden but large enough to be useful.

      About the size, it depends on what kind of trousers you use but I tried fitting that in suit trousers and inner pocket of jacket without trouble. You should try to check it yourself first however.

      Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of those.
      Buy Galaxy Nexus if day one updates and the best smartphone camera are of importance to you.
      Buy Galaxy Note if screen size and amazing pen are.

      My choice?
      Galaxy Note. 
      However, both are beautiful – I just have no need for 2 phones 🙂

  • FYI: the Note fits in my pocket! 😛

  • jdl

    If I see someone take the Note out to make a call I will laugh directly in their face. This is a perfect example of Samsung not having any focus on what their products should be…

    • RKT_1973

      i love note. WHO CARES if a crazy guy laughing on the street!!!

    • svp

      Dont think there is anything much to laugh about…….wats the issue as long as someone can hold a phone with one hand comfortably and use it….the very reason y samsung marketed this is for someone who do not find comfortable carrying a standard size tablet with them but simultaneously wants to enjoy the portability of a tablet without compromising its use as a mobile…..that’s the reason it has been called phone tablet….

    • Azammaza

      this is perfect example how mature u are…..self conscious, ill mannered, no confidence and low self esteem guy should stick to what most people use regularly….the note is not for u since i’m afraid u might go into depression or suicidal after some busy body immature moron laugh at u…..sighhh

  • @jdl I own two Dell Streaks. This Galaxy Note will be my next phone because I refuse to get a device with a smaller screen. Who cares if YOU don’t like large, gorgeous phones? They obviously aren’t being marketed to you. :]

    • RKT_1973

      i made a mistake not buying steak. I am not going to repeat the mistake by not buying NOTE. I love huge screen. IT has a large battery too. so i dont have to worry..

  • RK8T_1973


    • Mahsoom Moosa42

      not exactly, dont forget ICS is optimized for TI OMAP 4460 and expect it to be spoiled by touchwiz. with root access, the nexus cann be overclocked to 1.5 Ghz. The S-Pen is not my style. Not artistic.

  • Kuroguma Knight

    I have a dell streak and I’m thinking of getting the note or the nexus

  • Kuroguma Knight

    And hoping that it comes to at&t similar network or it goes to best buy

  • Anand Koli


  • Anand Koli


  • Anand Koli


  • Nihal_dawesome

    I personally have the note…freakingly awesome !! 

  • Armin24

    that’s grate.I’ll go to get them.